The STEM Pedagogy efforts are created to serve our diverse. With a purpose of inclusion and equity, we select and create vital works that can be useful for pedagogical or research purposes. We will continue to curate and add materials that expand cultural efficaciousness, inclusivity, and celebrate all members of our community. This page offers a repository of open-access resources for teaching, learning, and faculty development for both community colleges and four-year universities.

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  1. Learning and the Brain – a list of resources to support the process of transitioning to the online learning environment. Jump to section.
  2. Webinars & STEM Stories – are present discussed topics that are engaging, relevant, and informative to instructors.
  3. Digital Learning – a list of media sources such as audio, video, and images to enhance your unique voice and teaching style.
  4. Assessments – this section provides a list of resources to support better learning in an online context.
  5. Accessibility – this section contextualizes the learning experiences for different populations and approaches for meaningful engagement and learning.