Summer 2021 STEM Education Professional Skills Virtual Workshops

Between May 14 and June 30, the NSF HSI STEM Resource Hub will sponsor a series of 1 – 4 day (3-5 hour) workshops for HSI faculty and staff and their collaborators.

The workshops are crafted to enhance faculty skills in program evaluation and to develop disciplinary expertise needed to add content to STEM undergraduate courses in data science, scientific ethics, supercomputing, neuroscience, plant biology, and genetics.

Workshops are led by experts who work in diverse institutional settings and will include participation by other NSF programs such as the NSF Neuroscience Gateway and the NSF West Big Data Innovation Hub.  The workshops are limited to 20 participants to allow attendees from across the nation to collaborate and network in a virtual workshop setting that encourages personal interactions.


Enrollment is free and is limited to 20 participants per workshop.It is hoped that the small workshop size will facilitate networking and promote collaboration across institutions by individuals who share common interests in research and education.


Participation priority is for current HSI faculty and staff who teach undergraduate STEM courses.

Non HSI faculty staff who teach undergraduate STEM courses are eligible to apply if they:

  • currently collaborate as PIs/co-PIs on a funded or pending NSF EHR/DUE grant that includes HSI faculty/staff as PI/co-PIs or
  • would like to network to find HSI partners for future collaborative projects in education or research.


Admission priority is for faculty within the first 10 years of their first academic tenure-track appointment and faculty who lead STEM student training grants. Early decision admissions are made on a rolling basis and adjusted for workshop start date. Applicants should be aware that the selection process strives for diverse geographical and institutional representation.


See workshops below for apply by and early admission dates

This application is closed.


If you have any questions please email us.