Jumpstart Grantsmanship 2021 Spring Webinar Series

The offers Hub Webinars as part of certification training and as free-standing guest speaker series. Webinars are free and will require prior registration to attend.  Webinars are recorded and can be accessed on the Hub pages and/or Hub YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ee9DykTPxXyeXYhrTheng/videos)
    • Hub Grants Certification Webinars provide a self-paced resource for earning a professional certificate while learning the basics of grantsmanship. http://hsistemhub.org/preflight/
    • Hub Guest Speaker Webinars are offered on the first Friday of the month during the academic year. These webinars feature nationally recognized experts in STEM research and education who offer practical advice on crafting competitive grants.  The 2021-22 academic year will feature NSF program officers from various NSF divisions who will provide guidance about apply to the HSI program as well as other types of NSF solicitations.  Check back in August for the complete guest speaker webinar schedule.