Preflight Grantsmanship 

 Certification Series


The Preflight Grantsmanship Certification Series is a free learning resource designed for educators or researchers who are interested in writing a grant proposal for the first time.  This training focuses on taking the participant through the process of transforming experience, expertise, and interests into a concept summary for beginning the full writing process. The five sequenced modules equip participants with a foundation for finding the right grant, engaging a team of collaborators, and starting the grant writing process. The topics addressed in this series include: developing fundable ideas, understanding the current landscape for grant funding, finding the right grant, crafting a problem statement, finding a mentor, and forming a writing team.

Certification for this program requires completion of two deliverables: 1) The Preflight Grantsmanship Self-Assessment, and 2) The Executive/Concept Summary. The training is designed as a self-guided and self-paced modular series.  Once the two deliverables are successfully submitted at the end of the learning experience, a Certificate of Training will be issued by the HSI STEM Hub to the participant.  Questions regarding this series can be addressed to

Download the Preflight Grantsmanship Tool (click here) before continuing to module/day 1