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      Dear Colleagues,

      The National Science Foundation (NSF) has sponsored the NSF STEM DIVE (Diversity and Inclusion Video Exhibition) Challenge. In response to this competition, we submitted our video to the STEM in Higher Education Category. We made it to the final round, and currently, we are in the top 3 in our category. Besides the top prize in the group, we are also competing for the People’s Choice Award.

      To win the People’s Choice Award, we need to get votes in terms of ‘likes’ for our video. Each ‘like’ will be counted as one vote in favor of our video. May I kindly request you to please view our video posted on the link below and press the ‘like (Thumbs up)’ symbol:



      The voting will remain open till August 24. Kindly encourage your colleagues, staff, friends, family, and friends to vote.


      Thank you for your support

      Sudarshan Kurwadkar

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