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    “NREED   Data Brief   ■ No. 1 ■ July 2020

    Dear Colleague, 

    We previously invited you to participate in the National Study of STEM Faculty and Students (NSSFS) during the COVID-19 Pandemic, funded by the NSF RAPID program (DGE-2031066; DGE-2031069), using funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The surveys were completed on June 22, 2020. Approximately 6,000 students and faculty members participated in the surveys. We greatly appreciate your support! 

    Now we are pleased to share with you the first set of findings regarding Fall Enrollment and Delayed Graduation Among STEM Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic, using the national sample. If you are not able to see the images below or want to learn more about our results, please see the attached PDF file or visit our website: https://nreeducation.wordpress.com/publications

    Feel free to circulate this report with your colleagues. Thanks so much for your support! Hope you and your family are well and in good health.”


    Best Regards, 

    Chi-Ning (Nick) Chang, Ph.D.  

    Assistant Research Professor  

    Life Span Institute  

    The University of Kansas  



    Guan K. Saw, Ph.D.  

    Associate Professor  

    School of Educational Studies 

    Claremont Graduate University  





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