Community Events.

These are events related to the mission of the NSF HSI STEM Resource Hub – to provide Hispanic Serving Institutions with resources for building institutional capacity that will increase STEM student retention and degree completion.

Types of Events:

  • Events Related to Grantsmanship Training
  • NSF HSI STEM Hub Events
  • Student-Centered Events
  • Other Events

Please note: Events on calendar are set to Mountain Daylight Time. Please check details for the event’s local timezone.

2019 GANAS Mini-Grant Program
Jan 24 all-day

Deadline for all proposals (5:00 p.m. Local Time)

Clovis Community College Grantsmanship Workshop
Jan 24 – Jan 25 all-day

Our 2020 Jumpstart workshops provide basic insight and instruction on how to compete for NSF funding.  The workshop prepares attendees to submit applications to the NSF HSI Initiative call NSF 19-540 (

The content will focus on preparing grants for the new NSF HSI Initiative that seeks to increase grant support for STEM Education in Hispanic Serving Institutions (due date September 18, annually). During the event, participants will have a rare opportunity to seek advice from successful grant applicants, to direct questions to experienced and knowledgeable grant awardees, and to closely analyze a sample proposal to learn which pitfalls to avoid.

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Call for Submission: Apply to present at the AAAS Building Partnerships between Educators and STEM Professionals to Bridge Theory and Real-World Experience Workshop
Feb 12 – Feb 13 all-day

This workshop is for organizers of/participants in programs that partner STEM professionals with K-12 teachers and their communities.

You are invited to make a presentation or submit a poster about your program model, including defining/recruiting partners, strategies for sustaining, broadening participation, learning outcomes, evaluation and/or research.  You can also facilitate a discussion on an important topic related to partnerships. 

2019 GANAS Mini-Grant Program
Mar 30 all-day

Grantees Notified

STEM-ESS Institute: Creating Hispanic-Serving Identity in STEM through Evidence-based Student-Serving Strategies
Apr 8 – Apr 9 all-day

Complete application by January 31, 2020.
To support institutions working to accelerate Latino student success in STEM, Excelencia in Education and Science Foundation Arizona Center for STEM at Arizona State University (SFAz) offer a transformative set of activities to develop a compelling case for change.

Your journey begins prior to the Institute by identifying a cross-institutional team with members who are passionate and committed to a common cause of Latino student success in STEM. As pre-work, the team completes a comprehensive self-assessment of your institution’s current status in STEM — the extent to which it is evidence-based and student serving (STEM-ESS). Then, during the intensively hands-on Institute, SFAz will facilitate discussion of the data and the development of a STEM plan with strategies and actions to address gaps and leverage strengths. Participants will have a framework to assess their institution’s STEM-ESS capability and a strategic case for change that is supported by evidence. This can engage institutional leadership to implement strategies to enable Latino student success in STEM. Three to six months after the Institute, SFAz and Excelencia will discuss potential technical assistance opportunities with your team based on the outcomes from STEM Plans.

For questions please contact Excelencia at For more information on the Seal of Excelencia, please visit online  

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CURE opportunity – Tiny Earth
Jul 15 – Jul 19 all-day

Are you interested in joining more than 600 trained instructors across 19 countries, 44 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico with more than 10,000 students engaged in authentic scientific discovery? Tiny Earth inspires and retains students in the sciences while addressing one of the most pressing global health challenges of our time – superbugs and the antibiotic crisis. 

We will have two trainings for new Tiny Earth Partner Instructors in 2020. The week of January 6-10, 2020, Tiny Earth is hosting a Partner Instructor Training at UW-Madison’s Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. July 20-24th, a training will be hosted at California State University – Sacramento. Other than travel to the site, the trainings are offered at no cost, including food and lodging. We have additional funding to support travel for college faculty who are at minority-serving institutions or who identify as underrepresented minorities. Apply soon! 

If you are interested in becoming a Tiny Earth Partner Instructor (TEPI), please complete the online application at 

For more information: Please go to

Contact: Sarah Miller, Executive Director of Tiny Earth, University of Wisconsin-Madison | 608-316-4649