The UIC’s Department of Biological Sciences Monarchs & Milkweeds Project (CIM²AS) gets an NSF grant!

CIM²AS (Monarchs & Milkweeds Project) is a grant funded through the NSF. Its vision is to build on the opportunity we have at UIC to foster the interest of Latinx students in the sciences, to draw more Latinx students to major in Biology and Chemistry at UIC, and to support their success as they move through their courses. While the changes to the curriculum target Latinx students, the new curriculum should positively impact all students enrolled in the courses by creating connections through the theme of monarchs and milkweeds.

There are three major initiatives of CIM²AS. First, we will build a new science curriculum that explores the monarch and milkweed system from many different perspectives. High school teachers, 2-year college instructors, and UIC faculty will work collaboratively to integrate the theme into their courses through new learning activities, laboratory exercises or other content.

Second, we will develop dialogues to promote synergies between cultural and scientific knowledge that provide opportunities for students to explore their identities as Latinx scientists. Third, we will provide an intensive summer research experience that gives students an opportunity to investigate monarch conservation strategies through field experiments and habitat monitoring in the Chicago area.

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